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CT ARES Region 1 conducts weekly nets on both analog VHF and UHF DMR.  We are hosted on the N1LLL VHF repeater located in Norwalk and UHF DMR linked repeaters are located in Stamford, Wilton and Bridgeport.  Nets are held at 8pm Eastern Time and the DMR Net follows at approximately 8:30pm,  The DMR Nets are all on CT-ARES TAC1, which is talkgroup 8902.

Anyone who is an amateur radio operator who is interested in participating in the net is welcome even if they are not a member of ARES or if they live outside of Region 1.


VHF Analog 

Callsign: N1LLL

146.775 MHz

-600 KHz

PL-100 Hz


DMR – Stamford

Callsign: W1EE

447.1250 MHz

Offset -5.0 MHz



DMR Wilton

Callsign: W1SP

440.7500 MHz

Offset +5.0 MHz


DMR Bridgeport

Callsign: N1TGE

440.7625 MHz

Offset +5.0MHz


Please refer to the ICS-205 in the Files section of this site for additional information about frequencies used by ARES in Region 1.